APIX™ Creates Open Banking Delivery Channel for Top 3 US Bank

Case Study

APIX™ Creates Open Banking Delivery Channel for Top 3 US Bank

Executive Summary

The client, a top 3 US bank, is harnessing API-connectivity to transform the way that corporate treasuries do business. With Ness’s APIX™ platform, it has created a powerful delivery channel for its Open Banking APIs to communicate with its Fortune 2000 customers. The bank now directly distributes account and balance information to its customers’ treasury departments through the convenience of Microsoft Excel, all without having to write and support custom plugins.

About The Client

The client is a top 3 US bank with a global footprint in more than 100 countries. 

The Challenge

The client’s corporate treasury services department continually looks for ways to create differentiated, added-value offerings for its customers. It quickly realized that Microsoft’s widely used Excel software could be a powerful delivery channel in addition to its other supported offerings, such as web, mobile, and CRM. However, the client did not want to maintain a development team dedicated to continuously rolling out new Add-Ins as APIs continue to evolve and change. In addition, the client already had established protocols for accessing APIs both at the user and API levels and entitlements related to dataset attributes. In leveraging the power of Excel to distribute the APIs, they wanted to ensure seamless integration between Excel and their API authorization protocols. 

The Solution

Ness worked closely with the client to help develop rich Excel templates that would extend the client’s service offering to its customers’ desktops. The user experience (UX) of the templates seamlessly extends the client’s brand and services to Excel, turning it into a true delivery channel rather than an ad-hoc offering. Ness also provided the ability to pre-configure the templates with authorization parameters, thereby reducing the effort required by the client’s customers to use the templates. 

Results and Benefits

With APIX™, the client was able to rollout rich functionality to its customers’ workstations in exactly the format they found it most useful: Excel. Because there is a single Add-In to maintain and it has already been proven to deploy easily across a wide variety of locked-down desktops from Windows 7 through Windows 10, the bank was able to move quickly from ideation to adoption at scale.