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What AI Means for the Emerging Economies


With the revolutionary changes brought about by Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies, it is now possible for us to imagine different scenarios that were previously unthinkable. With machines in manufacturing units giving service notifications to refrigerators suggesting grocery lists, our lives are getting radically changed.

This change is also significantly evident across various businesses and industries. From healthcare to education, different industries are facing a disruptive threat with AI advancements; intelligent machines gradually replacing humans even in roles that previously relied heavily on human intelligence.

AI is an inevitable change and it could actually be a good change if companies redesign themselves and embrace the shifts required to benefit from these technologies. In this article for Software Magazine, Raghunath Akula, Project Manager, Ness, discusses some key developments around AI technologies and what it means for emerging economies.

“Adidas is revolutionizing manufacturing with its robots, which are now piloting highly automated footwear factories—“Speed Factories”—in Germany and the U.S. About a year back, BBC News reported an Apple supplier, Kunshan, China-based Foxconn, replaced 60,000 workers with robots. This is not a stray incident,” notes Raghunath.

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