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How AI and Machine Learning Are Transforming Business Travels

Artificial Intelligence and BPM

Disruptive technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning are transforming business travels around the world, combining passenger experiences and travel data to derive valuable insights to enhance the entire travel experience. Although technological advancements have also led to reduced need for business travels with more remote meetings getting conducted, face-to-face interactions still hold a lot of value for businesses.

In a Q&A with Virtual Strategy Magazine, Mark Lister, chief digital officer for Ness Digital Engineering discusses the potential of AI and Machine learning to personalize business travel, the role of chatbots, and which companies are getting ahead in the space.

Read more http://virtual-strategy.com/2017/10/09/transforming-the-business-travel-experience-through-ai-and-machine-learning-interview-with-mark-lister-chief-digital-officer-at-ness-digital-engineering/