Digital Transformation & Software Engineering Services

Innovation, design,
and engineering
for the digital economy

Ness designs, builds, and integrates digital platforms and enterprise software that help organizations engage customers, differentiate their brands, and drive profitable growth.

Our customer experience designers, software engineers, data experts, and business consultants partner with clients to develop roadmaps that identify ongoing opportunities to increase the value of their digital solutions and enterprise systems.

For nearly two decades, Ness has helped organizations develop and integrate the software products and digital platforms they rely on to lead their markets. We are proud that our clients choose to work with us year after year. They tell us it is because:

We are proactive. We ask good questions to ensure we’re working on the right problem statement, and we will suggest alternative approaches when we think they could lead to better results.

We operate as a business partner to our clients, taking time to understand their organizations and using Ness Connected to deliver solutions with their business needs as the foundation. Our clients feel we are “in it with them.”

Because of our strong, product engineering heritage and enterprise software expertise, we know how to help our clients build complex solutions at scale with a roadmap that paves the way for continuous enhancement, so our clients maintain their unique competitive edge.

We excel at high-velocity, distributed Agile and DevOps practices, which we have been recognized for and using for years, even before others realized how essential fast, nimble, iterative development would be to helping companies succeed in the digital economy.

And, we are a truly global organization, supporting local and global clients with our talented engineering teams distributed around the world, our highly-respected Digital Operations colleagues at Linium, and our growing business units across North America and Europe.

Ness: Changing the Way People Do Business in the Digital Economy

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