Diptiman Bose
Technology Innovation Center Head – Bangalore & Chennai

Diptiman Bose heads Ness’s Technology Innovation Centers in Bangalore and Chennai. He is responsible for operationalizing Ness’s global delivery model, advancing new best practices in service delivery, and supporting the company’s growth in the centers. With a strong background in solution design and client support, Diptiman is known for his ability to develop innovative, actionable technology solutions that help clients achieve their goals and generate business value.

Diptiman joined Ness with over two decades of experience in delivering large, sophisticated, multi-site software engineering and integration solutions across various industries. He has been extensively involved in helping organizations surpass the requirements of rigorous technology and process audits and certifications. Prior to coming to Ness, Diptiman served in various roles at Cognizant, Accenture Technology & Consulting, Wipro Technologies, and HCL Perot Systems.