A Q&A with CEO, Paul Lombardo on digital transformation in the automotive sector

From building smart dashboards to enabling autonomous driving, the automotive industry is in the midst of a technological revolution. In an interview with Business World Magazine, Paul Lombardo, Chief Executive Officer, Ness Digital Engineering, talks about the transformation the industry is experiencing and his perspective on what the industry will look like in the future.

Paul Lombardo discusses how Ness is focused on a lot of innovative work in the automotive industry as IoT continues to evolve and enable connected experiences – consider smart parking solutions and personalized insurance offerings as two applications having an impact. Ness is also developing tools to visualize and analyze the data collected from technologies such as night vision to train and validate the automatic detection algorithms for autonomous driving. Our clients are implementing solutions for telematics so they can better track their fleets and cars, and solutions for better safety systems. Another growing area of focus is in-vehicle infotainment. Entertainment, location-based services and personalization of the vehicle dashboard and media systems are becoming crucial elements of the car experience. These features and other elements, like seats that can be made to face each other, are elevating vehicles from a mode of transportation to a moving home.

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