A Leading Provider of Credit Ratings and Market Insight Migrates to Salesforce to Eliminate Redundant Data​

Case Study

A Leading Provider of Credit Ratings and Market Insight Migrates to Salesforce to Eliminate Redundant Data​

The solution improves security, increases ease of use, and reduces administrative costs.​


The client is a leading provider of credit ratings, benchmarks, analytics, and workflow solutions in the global capital, commodity, and automotive markets. Their offerings help many of the world’s leading organizations navigate the economic landscape to gain a competitive edge in the market.​


The client wanted to migrate the Platts business from Oracle on Demand (OOD) to the Salesforce CRM instance. They were looking to streamline the processes for deduplicating leads that eliminate redundant copies of data to ensure the retention of unique leads in the system. Further, they wanted to integrate the application for electronic signatures.​


Ness’s solution enabled the business processes, including Marketing, Sales, and Support (Service) lines of business. Ness established the rules for business needs for standardization, de-duplication, and cleansing of the customer records in Salesforce. We also implemented lead management that uses Eloqua for campaign execution and enforced lead nurturing, pushed to Salesforce via an integration process. The solution integrated Salesforce with Contract Management System called SpringCM, which empowered the sales teams to manage and automate the end-to-end contracts management process, contract generation, and approval review. It sets alerts for future contract renewal, expirations, and other milestones and is perfect for e-signatures that enable the client to execute or sign from the desk. Further, Ness enforced SSO for users to log in to Salesforce to eliminate security issues.​


The client eliminated close to 100K duplicate records based on the defined business rules and automated deduplication process to run anytime without manual intervention. The contract management helped close the contracts 75% faster and accelerate sales productivity by automating the contract management workflows. The SSO improved security, increased ease of use, and reduced administrative costs. The simplified lead nurturing helped identify precisely where to invest time and resources to maximize ROI by integrating Eloqua with Salesforce. Further, the new system, Order to Cash, was merged into the same Salesforce system.​