A Leading EdTech Company Modernizes their Assessment Platform to Deliver Improved End-to-end Assessment Solutions​

Case Study

A Leading EdTech Company Modernizes their Assessment Platform to Deliver Improved End-to-end Assessment Solutions​

A competitive analysis led to complete digitization, which enabled the client to develop solutions faster, scale operations, and lower costs.​


The client is one of the world’s leading education companies and the largest global comprehensive provider of educational assessment products, services, and solutions that promote learning and academic achievements.


The client wanted to deliver a modern solution and value-added services for a platform that helps learners assess and evaluate their current skills and readiness for college-level courses through adaptive assessments, precise instant scoring, and suitable course placements. They also wanted a product roadmap to meet the ever-increasing demands in the EdTech space and match the paradigm shift of digitization in assessment platforms. Their goal was to deliver adaptive logic in assessments, provide a high level of interoperability, shift to paperless, address accessibility demands, and enable practice before actuals.


Ness improved the end-to-end assessment solutions for a platform to make it more competitive and increase revenue share with higher student coverage. We performed a competitive analysis to build the most compelling features and implemented a robust strategy for cloud migration, modernizing their learning platforms to enable content, learning, assessments, and credentials as microservices, allowing a high level of interoperability. We also revamped the application for better usability, features, and simplified navigations, making it easier to adapt flows. As a result, Ness was able to cater to the adaptivity pattern in the next-generation assessments and automate the loading and validating of the questions process. We managed question banks with advanced content packaging solutions and transformed the linear paper-based tests into digital e-assessments. We also built the proctor certification platform, set a practice platform, built a platform to provide instant course recommendations, and implemented effortless onboarding of new customers.


The client experienced an unprecedented period of stability, going 1,843,416 calendar minutes without an unplanned outage for the first time in five years. Test counts of the learning platform increased by 13% to 3.2 million tests a year for CAT and 15% to 450,000+ tests for subjective. The new platform improved scoring efficiency with zero re-score requests out of 457,706 essays annually and significantly reduced the score wait time for 900+ students. The client gained accessibility to 20% more learners and reduced operational costs by 40%.