A Leading Canadian Bank Modernizes Card Issuance to Drive Customer Experience​

Case Study

A Leading Canadian Bank Modernizes Card Issuance to Drive Customer Experience​​

Faster verification and key features like Apple and Google Pay integration improve credit card usage, attract new customers, and drive revenue.​


The client is the financial services subsidiary of a leading Canadian retail chain and is one of the largest card issuers in Canada with an industry-leading loyalty program. The client has embarked on a strategic growth plan to invest in its omnichannel customer experience to create a modern, cloud-native digital-first platform.


The client was issuing credit cards to bank customers through their contact services channel, which took 7-10 days because of the many disjointed systems and processes required for card issuance, making the client less competitive in the space and impacting growth. The client recognized the need to streamline the process and get credit cards into the hands of customers faster.


Ness executed a complete digital transformation that involved systems for real-time KYC, address verification, activation, fraud management, card issuance, PIN management, tokenization, and account management. It also included real-time activation and integration with Apple Pay and Google Pay to help stimulate credit card usage. Ness created a seamless multi-channel workflow solution for customers and affiliate/partner networks and co-created the architecture and design to build a new rebranded credit card.


With Ness’s solution in place, credit card issuance increased by 30% and time-to-market improved with instant activation that boosted card usage significantly. In addition, the solution allowed the client to be the first bank to integrate their credit card with Apple Pay in Canada.