A Global Bank Leverages Innovations in Technology to Scale their Supply Chain Finance Business ​

Case Study

A Global Bank Leverages Innovations in Technology to Scale their Supply Chain Finance Business​

The solution promotes faster deployments and reduces new client implementation and onboarding costs.​​​


The client is a new venture arm of the global bank that provides a platform and catalyst to promote innovation, invests in disruptive financial technology, and explores alternative business models. ​


The client wanted to launch a Supply Chain Finance product addressing the B2B segment in emerging markets. The current MVP needed to be scaled to support multi-region deployments with minimal regional-specific customizations. The client needed a partner who could help scale the business capabilities for the platform, allowing region-specific criteria. They also needed help to architect the platform to integrate with regional-specific ecosystems.​


Ness established an SCF business capabilities model based on the client’s target vision, followed by the technical and implementation architecture that accounted for region-specific rules and deployment requirements. Ness started with a set of countries that required minimal changes and simplified the onboarding of the bank’s partners, including Master Anchors, Anchors, Dealers, and FI, to the platform. The new model improved scalability, enhanced resilience, provided better data security and compliance, and enabled continuous delivery.​


Our solution increased product quality, saved costs of onboarding new regions, enhanced customer satisfaction by improving time to market, and enabled control checks to validate the onboarding process. With a 65% reduction in the implementation costs and a 75% reduction in the onboarding costs for Master Anchors, Anchors, and Dealers, it promoted faster deployments (for Kenya, Malaysia, Vietnam, and Ghana). ​