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3 Key Characteristics to Consider before Getting Locked into the Blockchain Hype


Today there’s a lot of excitement around blockchain technology. Unfortunately, because of the hype around this technology, it is being proposed as the solution for many use cases where there already exist better and more efficient solutions. The result is a plethora of pilot projects based on blockchain, but very few systems that are actually launched and running in production. Organizations need to consider 3 key factors to decide on whether blockchain is the best solution for their use cases.

Moshe Kranc, Chief Technology Officer at Ness Digital Engineering has authored a column for The Enterprisers Project, titled “When blockchain doesn’t fit.” This insightful article discusses the 3 key characteristics that businesses should consider before they get caught up in the hype around this technology. “In far too many cases, blockchain has become a technology in search of a problem with promises that the big breakthrough for blockchain is just around the corner. Use the criteria described in this article to decide whether blockchain is the best solution for your use case. If yes – great. If not, don’t get caught up in the hype,” expresses Moshe.

View full article: https://enterprisersproject.com/article/2018/7/when-blockchain-doesnt-fit