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Ness Digital Engineering Achieves Elite Partner Status with Confluent

Teaneck NJ, November 20, 2023 — Ness Digital Engineering (Ness) is thrilled to be recognized as an Elite Partner of Confluent, a trailblazer in data-in-motion platform technology. Notably, Ness is the sole partner specializing in financial services within Confluent’s Elite Partner network. This achievement is a testament to the company’s commitment to providing exceptional consulting and system integration services.

Confluent’s Elite Partner program recognizes organizations with proven expertise in helping businesses harness the full potential of continuously flowing data leveraging the Confluent platform. Ness provides comprehensive support to clients, ranging from the design and configuration of the Confluent platform’s infrastructure to the development of full-scale systems in today’s modern digital landscape. Ness, together with Confluent, is dedicated to developing transformative solutions that empower organizations across industries, particularly in the financial services sector.

“We are delighted to be an Elite Partner of Confluent, and our recognition as the exclusive financial services specialist underscores our commitment to delivering the highest quality solutions and services to our clients,” said Cary Dym, Head of Global Alliances, Ness “As we continue to leverage Confluent’s powerful data-in-motion platform, we look forward to helping our clients navigate the complexities of their data, enabling them to stay competitive and innovative.”
For more information:
Tanaya Misra, Global Head – PR & Communications / +91 9890210810

Ness Digital Engineering Extends Support to Humanitarian Organizations in Wake of Recent Tragedy 

Teaneck NJ, November 8, 2023 – It has been a month since Israel was subject to a horrendous attack on innocent civilians by a terrorist organization. During this time, the world has seen a significant rise in hate crimes and violence that has affected the lives of many. Ness denounces all acts of terror and violence and condemns all forms of racism and hate.

The loss of innocent lives is devastating. Ness supports those who are rushing to address this humanitarian crisis. As part of that, Ness will donate to the two nonprofits listed below and give you an opportunity to do the same through your employee match donations.

  • Magen David Adom(MDA) is Israel's national rescue organization and is on the frontlines of saving lives in Israel. With emergency ambulances, boats, helicopters, and motorcycles, MDA provides care and response in critical situations. Magen David Adom provides treatment to any individual who needs help – regardless of ethnicity, race, or political or religious affiliation. 
  • Palestine Children's Relief Fund (PCRF) is the primary humanitarian organization in Palestine, delivering crucial and life-saving medical relief and humanitarian aid where it is needed most.   

Our hearts go out to all those whose lives are forever changed by these events.

For more information:
Tanaya Misra, Global Head – PR & Communications / +91 9890210810