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2020 Golden Bridge Award Winner in Company Innovation

Ness Digital Engineering, a global provider of digital transformation solutions, is honored to be recognized by the 2020 Golden Bridge Awards as a bronze winner in the Company Innovation of the Year category for our work designing digital solutions to enable business continuity and employee safety during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Innovation by Automating Manual Processes for Off/Onboarding

In partnership with a large retailer, Ness developed a solution that automates many of the manual processes that would have been overwhelmed during the rapid, fast-moving stages of the global pandemic crisis.

In the early days of the pandemic, it became clear that a significant number of employees would need to be offboarded as on-site operations halted. From an IT perspective, there were several tasks made challenging by both the volume of offboarding coupled with the need to work remotely (i.e., reclamation of hardware devices, recovering unused software, and terminating access). These tasks were initially being managed in simple spreadsheets that required time-consuming manual input that was prone to human error. Ness and the retailer developed a rapid offboarding solution that synthesized features from the cloud computing platform and modern digital workflow capabilities to consolidate spreadsheets, emails and disparate data into one master application governed by rules-based workflows. This streamlined offboarding process naturally lent itself to accelerating the onboarding process when the time came.

Exposure Management Solution

The next evolution of the initiative came when it was time to begin opening and running stores again, while still in the midst of a pandemic. This required new protocols, rapid adoption of changing public health guidelines, the additional expense of implementing retail safety standards and, most importantly, ensuring the health and safety of its employees and customers. This was the genesis of the COVID Exposure Management Solution. A case management solution was designed on the customer’s existing enterprise cloud platform to track potential and confirmed COVID cases across its retail stores and corporate offices. This significantly reduced risk and the administrative burden of tracking this information, allowed for faster adoption of local health guidelines, and helped ensure business continuity by providing insight into potential safety risks or hot spots across its store network.

A Proactive Approach

With the COVID Exposure Management Solution, the retailer is able to proactively identify and manage any potential outbreak within its workforce and take steps to prevent business shutdowns in the future, all while reducing the administrative burden and expense associated with implementing new and ever-changing safety guidelines.

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