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Key Enablers and Potential Inhibitors to IoT

There’s no doubt that the IoT space is changing quickly and shaping the future of many industries. As with any other type of technology, there are factors that can empower or hinder the ability for acceptance and growth. So, what are the key enablers and inhibitors for IoT?

Ketan Karia, Global IoT Practice Head and SVP – Europe Delivery, has authored a column for Express Computer, titled “Enablers and Inhibitors to IoT.” This insightful article delineates the factors that can contribute to a massive IoT adoption, and the areas that could hamper its growth. He also explains some unique ways that can help organizations capitalize on the benefits of IoT. “The future of IoT looks promising and continues to prove its relevance in organizations’ digital transformation strategies. Companies that can leverage advancements in IoT and find ways to address issues will succeed in capitalizing on IoT’s benefits,” states Ketan.

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