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Macro and Micro Technology Trends for 2019

2018 has been a momentous one for technology, with progress (and setbacks) being made across many areas. The past year has set the stage for many technology trends that will dominate in 2019. Moshe Kranc, Chief Technology Officer at Ness Digital Engineering, worked with his team to weigh in on next year’s technology predictions. The future technology trends that could be game-changers in 2019 were featured in a CMSWire article entitled, “Macro and Micro Technology Trends for 2019.” Read the article for insight on tech superpower nations, social networking, cyber security, IoT, and more.

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Nessian on Job Series – Sangeeta Bora – My First 100 Days at Ness

The first 100 days are a crucial time to learn about a new workplace culture, mythologies, and lay a meaningful foundation for the future. Ness Digital Engineering is a unique corporate world that tops my list of places that I have worked. Often, it is very easy to feel overwhelmed with new work responsibilities, but thanks to the employee-friendly policies and the team at Ness — I was able to understand the company’s culture, branding, and my profile at a very early stage. In fact, Ness has an incredible way of assigning a buddy to every new employee to make the settling-in period easy and comfortable. One way we cultivate a collaborative atmosphere at Ness is by fostering deep relationships and communicating effectively to the leadership and management teams directly.

Ness is an interesting place to be, and it is not just about work. Ness offers a plethora of employee engagement activities, such as office outing, Kidziness (employees get to bring their children to the office for special occasions), Hackathons, Virtual Technology Conferences, and more.

My Responsibilities:
As part of the communications team, I get to work closely with employees globally. I am responsible for all kinds of internal communications within the organization. My role allows me to work in proximity with the management and the leadership teams, which is a prerequisite for smooth and transparent internal communications. In addition to this, it is important for the employees to be updated with the company’s achievements, goals, and policies. Hence, I take pride in keeping all of the employees updated with the day-to-day activities happening within the global Ness team.

Learning Experiences:
We are living in a constantly-changing, rapidly-evolving digital age, and Ness has given me an understanding of futuristic technologies like Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, Big Data Analytics, Customer Experiences, and more.  Since Ness deals with multiple domains, it has opened an opportunity for me (from a non-technical background) to get acquainted with these ground-breaking technologies. Today, I am more aware of several innovative technologies and their implementations across various sectors. At Ness, you will also learn to work in collaboration with different departments and teams, which makes the workplace environment challenging and fun-filled.

Who am I-Outside Work:
My professional life reflects my personal life. I am usually a happy person who loves to spread joy and cheer. Besides spending time with my family, I enjoy hanging out with my friends. Like many people in the world, traveling gives me immense satisfaction. I love to experience diverse cultures, food, and fashion. I look forward to the family road trips that we take every year. There is no specific mantra in life that I follow, but I prefer to live a balanced life.