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What Are the Key considerations in Starting a DevOps Journey?

DevOps is generating a lot of enthusiasm and its adoption is catching up across organizations, yet there are misconceptions around the whole DevOps philosophy that could result in slowing down its progress or diminishing its value. DevOps adoption is often challenging considering that different parts of the organization need to be in sync, hence starting a DevOps journey is a crucial step in attaining the desired results.

In his article for, Amit Gupta, leader of Ness Digital Engineering’s DevOps practice shares valuable insights into the key considerations and best practices for organizations starting a DevOps journey. “DevOps encompasses different parts of the organization, which historically may have operated in silos and with different ethos. DevOps also questions the status quo regarding engineering roles and practices, and focuses on automation and reskilling, all of which need both upfront time and effort investment. Finally, DevOps believes in and propagates continuous learning and improvement, whereas many organizations may have more stepwise-based programs in place,” Amit notes. Read more