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How Technology has Enabled Smart Digital Services

Digital innovation has delivered increased processing power, ubiquitous high speed connectivity, commoditized mobile computing and unleashed the ‘Internet of Things’.

The integration and advancement of a number of technologies synchronously has supercharged our reliance on technology making information available when and where we need it.

Enabling Technologies

Network connectivity
The data network infrastructure is delivering larger bandwidth and increased speeds, connecting all the technologies required to enable how we live.

The Cloud
The cloud enables organizations to better manage scale, storage, costs and analysis of the data that is produced from the growing touch-points with customers and users.

Data Analytics
Advanced analysis of the data produced by the growing number of touchpoints with customers enables more relevant, targeted and useful experiences and services.

Connected Sensors
Sensors can now deliver or record information that can be analyzed and acted upon, using parameters from movement to moisture levels. Commoditization of these sensors means they can be embedded into day-to-day life.

Connected Devices
Connected devices provide data via sensors that bring to life the digital potential of our environment. Digital experiences can be invisible, as well as smart.

The smartphone has been commoditized, bringing computing power that allows connection with others, information on demand, and control via connected devices.

Artificial Intelligence
Artificial intelligence automates some decision making and enables targeted personalization that delivers faster, more responsive digital services at a lower cost. This means digital services can now prove a more realistic, cost-effective business proposition and a more engaging experience.

This fusion of new technologies, touchpoints, and channels has created a powerful, smart connected network.

New business models and services must now reach beyond the delivery channel (within this network). They must enhance the quality of the end-to-end service whether it be digital or analog, online or offline, or a combination of them all.

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