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Important Considerations for Enterprises in Leading the Technology Change

Technology Change

Advanced technology implementations are at the center of the vast number of enterprise transformation stories taking shape today. Organizations want to innovate at a rapid pace, and in the race for creating a differentiating advantage using the latest technologies, they may often fail to assess the real impact of these technologies and how all of these play out together to offer the much-desired transformational impact. Technologies like Artificial Intelligence, DevOps and Robotic Process Automation hold lot of value for organizations if applied within the right context and also with due consideration of their possible downsides.

In an interaction with Analytics India, Moshe Kranc, Ness’s Chief Technology Officer, shares valuable insights on the benefits and challenges in deploying an RPA solution, the importance of DevOps in driving digital disruption, and why organizations need to champion the open data movement. “RPA took off in 2017 because it promises short term ROI for a very modest initial cost. But it often requires more time than anticipated to understand the business process, because it requires deep domain knowledge that human employees may be hesitant to share for fear of “bots” taking over some of their responsibilities,” notes Moshe.

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