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Hackathon at Ness

What I Learned From My First Experience of Organizing a Hackathon at Ness?

Hackathons are currently garnering a lot of attention and there are good reasons for their popularity. Organizations want change, and they want to engage employees in new ways to be able to drive fast changes. Hackathons are a fun, effective way of doing this, and that’s what make them so popular among modern day organizations. […]read more »

Learning from the Greats – Henry Ford and the lessons for implementing visionary 21st century software platforms

I was recently reading an article about the history of Henry Ford’s famous Assembly Line and I found it very inspirational. I have always enjoyed learning about historical figures and the titans of industry that helped shape the way we live today. There are great lessons to be learned from the wisdom they displayed. Habits […]read more »
logo of Barbecode

Barbecode 2016 and a Tale of MVC

Ness has a tradition of maintaining strong ties with technologists across its delivery locations and organizations. It regularly participates to and organizes events where we have the opportunity to meet fellow architects, testers, developers to exchange on best practices, trends and challenges we face in our line of work. I had the privilege to recently […]read more »

Containerization, Microservices and Orchestration Technologies Gain Speed in 2016

This year heralds a number of interesting developments in software and technology. Here’s a list of what I think will transpire in the world of Cloud, DevOps, and Agile architecture based on technologies coming down the road and what we’re talking about with Ness’s clients. There will be rapid advances around Containerization to enable greater […]read more »

Admiration and Modernization: A Lesson from Vacation

Because I love my job, I cannot stop thinking about software engineering even when I am on vacation. My recent holiday in Rajasthan and Varanasi in Northern India provided an opportunity to truly admire some enterprising inventions of the ancient times that are now outdated. I believe this attitude of respectful admiration can help companies […]read more »

KISS for Successful Project Engagements

In this competitive digital economy, successful projects in software development are often glorified, rewarded and showcased, sometimes beyond what they deserve. More often than not, the not-so-successful projects and project teams experience punitive repercussions. This drives a sense of risk averse and a conservative approach to all future opportunities rather than leveraging failures as learning […]read more »