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Digital Retail Road Map

What’s on Your Digital Retail Road Map?

The retail industry is currently at the forefront of massive business and tech disruptions. Retail organizations are facing a new generation of tech savvy customers that has instant access to information and demands unparalleled customer experiences, irrespective of location and mode of shopping. On the other side, consider the intensifying competition in the retail landscape […]read more »
Virtual Strategy Magazine

The Key Essentials to Remember in Your Digital Transformation Journey

The accelerated pace at which digital transformation is moving across industries could be overwhelming for enterprises that are catching up or deciding where and how to start, or for those that are disappointed in some way with their efforts in going digital. It is important to pause and think – what ensures success in a […]read more »
API Management Platforms

API Series Part 3: Understanding the Capabilities of API Management Platforms

So, why do we need an API Management Platform? An API platform provides capabilities in managing the APIs; starting from documenting the contract definition to defining the revenue generation model (subscription model), one can use the platform to address non-functional needs such as deployment agility, continuous monitoring, usage metrics, subscription models, scalability, availability, etc. Platforms […]read more »
Video Series Featuring Forrester Part VI

Video Series Featuring Forrester Part VI: Three Metrics for Measuring Success of User Experience Design

In the age of the digital economy it is critical for organizations to gauge the effectiveness of their user experience design to determine if users are fully engaged and maximizing their interaction with your brand. Forrester Senior Analyst, Deanna Laufer, recommends three types of metrics and the importance of using them together to measure results. […]read more »

API Series Part 2: Key API Design Principles and Best Practices

There are five key API design principles. Here I will elaborate on each of these areas: Documentation Documentation is a key principle of API design and development. Please keep in mind that the developers are the users of your API; therefore, the documentation should be the paramount deliverable item of APIs. They need to be […]read more »

API Series Part 1: API Centric Design

In this Digital Transformation era, it is of paramount importance for organizations to adopt APIs to execute ideas quickly and acquire new business opportunities. APIs (Application Program Interface) play an essential role, as they are the building blocks of Digital Transformation, thus enabling organizations to deliver an exceptional customer experience, and thereby increasing their revenue […]read more »
Lessons learned about cybersecurity

6 Relevant Lessons Learned about Cybersecurity

With the Internet recently brought to a grinding halt due to a distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack launched from millions of infected web-attached devices, Ness’s Chief Technology Officer, Moshe Kranc, has authored an article that discusses six very relevant lessons learned about cybersecurity. In this article published by VentureBeat, Moshe notes important insights garnered from years of […]read more »
CTOs Leverage External Expertise

How should CTOs leverage external expertise to deliver their innovation strategy?

Every CTO is bombarded with calls and emails to meet with a new supplier to discuss the next big thing. But how do you decide which suppliers to meet with? What is the frame of reference you use to qualify whether something would be useful to you or not? It’s easy and understandable to stick […]read more »
TechDays Logo that with dates of the event

Ness TechDays: Sharing Innovation and Showcasing Ingenuity

Ness Digital Engineering recently hosted the second chapter of its virtual technology conference, Ness TechDays 2016, for an internal audience and special guest client speakers from around the world. The three-day event featured presentations by Ness designers and engineers on cutting-edge topics which speak to Ness’s strategic go-to-market pillars of Customer Experience Design, Platform Engineering […]read more »

Tech Trends with £2bn R&D Boost

The opportunity to build a global tech hub in the UK has been strengthened today. Speaking at the CBI conference, the British Prime Minister, Teresa May announced a government funding boost for R&D worth £2bn per year by 2020. May announced a new Industrial Strategy Challenge Fund aimed at supporting the commercialisation of “priority technology” including […]read more »