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Video Series Featuring Forrester Part VI

Video Series Featuring Forrester Part VI: Three Metrics for Measuring Success of User Experience Design

In the age of the digital economy it is critical for organizations to gauge the effectiveness of their user experience design to determine if users are fully engaged and maximizing their interaction with your brand. Forrester Senior Analyst, Deanna Laufer, recommends three types of metrics and the importance of using them together to measure results. […]read more »
CTOs Leverage External Expertise

How should CTOs leverage external expertise to deliver their innovation strategy?

Every CTO is bombarded with calls and emails to meet with a new supplier to discuss the next big thing. But how do you decide which suppliers to meet with? What is the frame of reference you use to qualify whether something would be useful to you or not? It’s easy and understandable to stick […]read more »
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Ness TechDays: Sharing Innovation and Showcasing Ingenuity

Ness Digital Engineering recently hosted the second chapter of its virtual technology conference, Ness TechDays 2016, for an internal audience and special guest client speakers from around the world. The three-day event featured presentations by Ness designers and engineers on cutting-edge topics which speak to Ness’s strategic go-to-market pillars of Customer Experience Design, Platform Engineering […]read more »
InfoSec meets DevOps

InfoSec meets DevOps

Organizations are continuously learning how to adapt to the digital economy and its high release cadences. For some, this also means moving from a delivery methodology monoculture to a polyculture environment to address the varying needs between new and old applications. Adopting Agile methodologies allows the exploration of novel business models with a Minimum Viable […]read more »
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Here’s How You Conquer Fear of “Things” in “Internet of Things”

The Internet of Things (IoT) presents a world in which devices of every shape and size are manufactured with intelligent capabilities that allow them to communicate and interact with other devices, exchange data, make decisions and perform useful tasks. Yet an underlying fear exists about the unknown surrounding of what these “things” will actually do. […]read more »

Tech Trends with £2bn R&D Boost

The opportunity to build a global tech hub in the UK has been strengthened today. Speaking at the CBI conference, the British Prime Minister, Teresa May announced a government funding boost for R&D worth £2bn per year by 2020. May announced a new Industrial Strategy Challenge Fund aimed at supporting the commercialisation of “priority technology” including […]read more »
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Opportunities to Accelerate Know Your Customer (KYC) Compliance

The post September 11th financial services environment has placed increased emphasis on regulation and customer due diligence. Regulations surrounding Anti-Money Laundering (AML), Counter Terrorist Financing (CTF) and Know Your Customer (KYC) require strategy, human resources and appropriate tooling to meet the demands placed on financial institutions to ensure that they stay in compliance with the […]read more »