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unlock value of your data

How to Unlock the Value of Your Data

Organizations are generating truckloads of data – about customer behavior, sales, internal operations, unstructured comments from social media, and the like. Turning this raw data into valuable information is the key challenge companies face in gaining competitive advantage and identifying new revenue streams. Many of the world’s largest companies don’t own physicals assets or manufacture […]read more »
Applied Machine Learning

Interesting Highlights from the Applied Machine Learning Days

I attended the first edition of the “Applied Machine Learning Days” which took place at the Federal Engineering School of Lausanne (EPFL, Switzerland). The event involved two days of talks and tutorials on Machine learning and Artificial Intelligence, organized by Prof. Marcel Salathé and his team of the Lab of Digital Epidemiology that gathered 450 […]read more »
Big Data Open Source Projects vs Amazon Web Services

Big Data Open Source Projects vs Amazon Web Services (AWS)

All data engineers are looking for the latest trends regarding the Vs (such as Volume, Variety, Velocity and others) of Big Data. Most approaches lead to higher ingested Volume of enterprise data, an increased Variety of enterprise or cloud source systems, with constant Velocity demand. Data engineers and data analysts are looking to migrate data […]read more »
Big Data Trends

Video Series featuring Forrester, Part II: Top Big Data Trends

Mike Gualtieri, Principal Analyst, Forrester, is featured in this video on the top big data trends, sponsored by Ness Digital Engineering. Gualtieri shares his expertise on the top technical and business trends driving current big data projects. In the video, Mike Gualtieri discusses how several open source platforms like Hadoop, Apache, Spark, have ignited passion […]read more »
Big Data Initiative

Video Series featuring Forrester, Part I: How Can a CTO Justify a Big Data Initiative?

Organizations are well aware of the near-endless opportunities present within the landscape of Big Data. However, how does a Chief Technology Officer build the business case to embark on such initiatives? According to Mike Gualtieri, Principal Analyst, Forrester, the answer lies in unused data. Gualtieri talks about this issue in a video that was filmed […]read more »
Big Data Initiative

SQL and Big Data

Background and Need Enterprises are filled with structured and semi-structured data generated by all sorts of transactional applications. Much of that data is increasingly finding its way into Hadoop clusters for analytics because of Hadoop’s flexibility and the inexpensive, linear scalability of its compute and storage. To extract insights from this data, enterprises often build […]read more »
Big Data Trends

OLAP Cubes on Hadoop: Accelerating Interactive Big Data Analytics on Hadoop

OLAP (Online Analytical Processing) is the main concept behind many Business Intelligence (BI) tools used for data discovery, reporting, what-if analysis, budgeting, forecasting, planning etc. Many organizations are trying and finding ways to offload some of the high volume, complex processing-intensive Enterprise Data warehouse (EDW) data marts and business logic to the Hadoop platform. Business […]read more »