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How Data Drives Success in the Customer Engagement Journey

In an article for ETRetail, Ness discusses the significance of data in driving customer engagement for retailers, and key considerations in using data to develop the right customer experience. “The gathering and proper analysis of customer data can provide the insights to unlock vital features which drive personalized experiences for each customer. This initial data can be used to […]read more »

Impending AI: Should Emerging Economies Fear Artificial Intelligence

In a new article for Software Magazine, Raghunath Akula, Ness Digital Engineering project manager, discusses developments surrounding artificial intelligence (AI) and how AI is currently impacting emerging economies from an industry perspective. The article also delves deeper and explores some specific examples,  “Adidas is revolutionizing manufacturing with its robots, which are now piloting highly automated footwear […]read more »

Is Data Vault Modeling A Good Choice For Your Organization?

In a new article for insideBIGDATA, Moshe Kranc, chief technology officer of Ness Digital Engineering, discusses the major benefits and limitations that can help organizations decide if a Data Vault would meet their specific data architecture needs given that data vault modeling requires considerable experience if used. “Data Vault architecture is an innovative, hybrid approach that […]read more »

Amazon, Whole Foods and the future of shopping

In a new article from the Internet Retailer, Moshe Kranc, CTO of Ness Digital Engineering, provides an interesting analysis of how Amazon’s decision to buy Whole Foods could be a significant move for the retailer, and also a wake-up call for its online competitors. “Whole Foods provides Amazon with an entry into high-touch experiential shopping. […]read more »

DevOps Lessons Learned: Advice for IT Leaders

In a new article from the Enterprisers Project, Amit Gupta, leader of Ness Digital Engineering’s DevOps practice, provides insights about five key components to account for when establishing DevOps while stressing the importance of peeling back each layer before deploying new tools and technologies. “If we properly dissect what goes into effectively establishing DevOps, there […]read more »
Cloud Journal

Serverless Computing: Ready For Prime Time

In a new article for Cloud Computing Journal, Moshe Kranc, CTO of Ness Digital Engineering, explains how despite certain limitations, including high latency, resource limits, and development and testing challenges, serverless computing is both the next true stage in the evolution of the cloud, and ready for prime time in the right use cases. “The next […]read more »

Spurring the DevOps Adoption Journey

In a new article for, Amit Gupta, leader of Ness Digital Engineering’s DevOps practice, describes the fundamental principles and four practical steps an organization should consider before beginning the DevOps adoption journey.  Amit notes, “The fundamental principles of DevOps are to reduce barriers between Development and Operations; increase Development autonomy; and to automate Development […]read more »

DevOps: Why Getting the Culture Right is the Key to Success

In a new Q&A with ZDNet, Moshe Kranc, chief technology officer of Ness Digital Engineering, explains the current state of DevOps, and why breaking down the barriers between technology and business is the key to making DevOps work for organizations. “You have to do a lot of groundwork in your organisation to implement DevOps. It’s a […]read more »

An Easy Fix for the Airline Overbooking Problem

In a new article for VentureBeat, Moshe Kranc, CTO of Ness Digital Engineering, explains how the controversial airline practice of involuntary passenger bumping is actually a data problem that can be solved easily through improvements in both data analytics and data transparency, including establishing a transparent marketplace where passengers are happy to leave an airplane […]read more »

Considerations for Marketers in the Digital Economy

In a new Q&A with Paul Writer, Amber Blaha, Chief Marketing Officer, Ness Digital Engineering, shares her thoughts on the changing trends, challenges and opportunities for marketing organizations in a digital economy.  Regarding the role of the CMO in driving digital transformation, she notes, “The role of a CMO remains focused on helping companies drive business. […]read more »