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Taming the Cultural Transformation Beast during DevOps Evolution

In a new article for CIOReview, Amit Gupta, Ness’ associate vice president of delivery, discusses how embedding DevOps into a company’s culture is critical to a successful adoption and execution, given that cultural transformation lies in the heart of an organization’s DevOps evolution. Gupta also elaborates on the key focus areas designed to drive a […]read more »

Web data extraction: Custom, commercial offerings ease the task

In a new article for TechTarget’s SearchITChannel, Moshe Kranc, Ness’ chief technology officer, describes how 25 years after the internet was compared to “a library where the books have been tossed on the floor,” custom and commercial offerings, bolstered by machine learning, can now facilitate web data extraction. Kranc goes on to establish the best […]read more »

Digital Retail Road Map: Enhancing Customer Experience and Increasing Margins

In a new article for Total Retail, James M A Williams, Ness’ director of digital services, describes future trends surrounding digital retail, both online and in-store. Elements on the digital roadmap for retail include interactive store experiences, impulse buy enablement, convenience for fulfillment, and insight-driven dynamic pricing. As a result, the digital transformation of retail […]read more »

Interview with Ness CTO: Digital Engineering and Big Data Trends for 2017

In a new, wide-ranging Q&A with Virtual-Strategy Magazine, Ness’s Chief Technology Officer Moshe Kranc, discusses several topics, including current trends in digital platform engineering, Ness’ specific approaches to digital engineering, the role of big data analytics in digital engineering, notable big data trends for 2017, and other emerging technologies destined to have an impact on […]read more »

Ness Digital Engineering to add 800 to workforce

Satyajit Bandyopadhyay, President and Chief Delivery Officer, Ness Digital Engineering, in an interview with “The Economic Times” emphasizes the company’s focus on digital platform engineering, and its plans to expand its workforce globally to meet the rapidly changing technology needs in the digital space. Bandyopadhyay says, “We had double-digit growth in the last two years […]read more »

Taming the Big Beast: Cultural Transformation during DevOps Evolution

Amit Gupta, Associate Vice President, Ness Digital Engineering has authored an article for The Economic Times, highlighting why a cultural shift can be so critical to successful implementation of DevOps. He writes, “When merging software development and IT operations teams to improve software quality and accelerate release cycles, the way people within the organization think, work […]read more »

Product Development Is a Team Sport

There are several key steps to inspiring teams to achieve big visions when it comes to creating products. In a new article authored for CMSWire, Ness’s Director of Digital Services, James Williams, describes his product development background and how he has uncovered one key philosophy: creating successful products is a team sport. He adds team […]read more »

How to Conquer Fear of “Things” in “Internet of Things”

The Internet of Things (IoT) presents a world in which devices of every shape and size are manufactured with intelligent capabilities that allow them to communicate and interact with other devices, exchange data, make decisions and perform useful tasks. Yet an underlying fear exists about the unknown surrounding what these “things” will actually do. In […]read more »

Cybersecurity must be open, replaceable

With the Internet recently brought to a grinding halt due to a distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack launched from millions of infected web-attached devices, Ness’s Chief Technology Officer, Moshe Kranc, has authored an article for VentureBeat about what he’s learned over time regarding cybersecurity that remains relevant today. The article explains how secrecy can […]read more »

The Rise and Fall of Scala

Five years ago, Scala was the next big thing in programming languages because it elegantly enabled functional programming within an object-oriented paradigm, but today, Scala’s popularity seems to be fading. Ness’s Chief Technology Officer, Moshe Kranc, has authored an article for dzone, titled, “The Rise and Fall of Scala” that provides a deep-dive perspective on the […]read more »