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Navigating Digital Disruption: Insights from Ness’ CEO, Paul Lombardo

In the middle of a burgeoning career that saw him earn prominent spots at global consultancy firms, Paul Lombardo did something unique. “I joined the Peace Corps mid-career, believe it or not, in the former Soviet Union, really helping businesses through their economic transition,” says Paul Lombardo, CEO, Ness Digital Engineering. Undoubtedly, it was through […]read more »

From growing up on a farm to Chief Innovation Officer at Linium— Rachel Slater’s Journey to the Digital Era

Authority Magazine recently interviewed Rachel Slater, Chief Innovation Officer at Linium, a Ness Digital Engineering Company. The resulting article describes Rachel’s career journey with Linium, the story behind what brought her to the specific career path, and her valuable advice to other female leaders. Rachel explains, “Be a leader and understand what that means. To […]read more »

Innovation Insights of 2019: Making It Easy to Get the Employee Services You Need

Today’s digital world is transforming the way we live and setting high expectations in the workplace when it comes to service experiences. So, how do you keep up with changes and prepare for future success? Linium’s Chief Innovation Officer, Rachel Slater reveals in her recent blog that to remain competitive you need to improve the […]read more »

Top Education Technology Trends for 2019

As we begin 2019, there are several education technology trends that impact the Education sector. There are two areas that stand out, that will change the face of Education for years to come. Internet of Things (IoT) is a system of several devices which are interconnected, exchanging and compiling different kinds of data over a […]read more »

Evolving the Customer Omnichannel Experience with IoT

There are multiple ways for businesses to reach their customers, who expects personalized, omnichannel experiences when interacting with their brands — and above all, they demand quick response times. Research shows that by 2020, customer experience will overtake price and product as the key brand differentiator. To win customers, companies need to carefully consider the […]read more »

Digital Innovation and Developing Digital Strategies

Digital transformation reshapes every aspect of a business. As such, there are many new digital innovations and strategies that are evolving in the current high-tech and Internet-connected era. However, many times businesses don’t have an integrated plan that helps them grow and stay innovative. In an interview with Fast CMO, Amber Blaha, CMO of Ness […]read more »

Continuous Delivery – Improvement Requires More Than a Good Framework

I’ve been working as an engineer inside Agile Scrum teams for many years, and I’ve been reading the ideas put forward by many thoughtful experts (see extensive bibliography at the end of this article). I want to add my perspective on the key questions that come up repeatedly in relation to improving all around excellence […]read more »

Macro and Micro Technology Trends for 2019

2018 has been a momentous one for technology, with progress (and setbacks) being made across many areas. The past year has set the stage for many technology trends that will dominate the headlines in 2019. Read about the macro and micro technology trends predicted for the year. Moshe Kranc, Chief Technology Officer at Ness Digital […]read more »

Overcoming Barriers to Improve Operational Excellence- featuring Forrester Research

What are the common barriers to improving operational excellence? This Ness video featuring Amanda LeClair, Forrester Analyst at Forrester Research describes some of the common barriers that hinder achieving success. In the digital era, there are challenges that have plagued organization for a long time, for example— legacy technology, working in silos, cultural change, security, […]read more »

Agile Coaching – Why You Need It

With the Digital Economy and newer technological trends such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning, and Internet of Things (IoT) encircling us, organizations are looking to implement Agile methods to optimize the delivery processes and reduce costs. Having a seasoned Agile Coach can really make a difference in an organization’s Agile journey regardless of whether […]read more »