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Where My Machines and What are They Doing? Realizing the Benefits of IoT

Industry 4.0 and Smart Factory concepts are becoming pervasive in large manufacturing companies.  Manufacturing giants have sophisticated IoT strategies and are moving steadily down the path of realizing value for their efforts. The top 100 manufacturing companies in the US have over $36B of revenue and are compelled to explore Industrial IoT capabilities to stay […]read more »

How to staff an AI team: 11 key roles

The success of Artificial Intelligence (AI) initiatives may depend as much upon art and philosophy as it does upon data science and machine learning. That’s because the effective deployment of AI requires a close-knit team that includes people from a wide range of backgrounds and skill sets, including non-technical roles. In an article for The […]read more »

Enterprises Race to Plan for Deepfake Technology

The new AI-based technology known as deepfakes has the ability to fabricate apparently real footage of people and create fake images for entertainment, research, and other purposes. Like most AI solutions, deepfake technology can have both positive and negative applications. In an article for SearchCIO, Moshe Kranc, Chief Technology Officer, Ness Digital Engineering joins the […]read more »

Explainable AI: 4 Industries Where it Will be Critical

Everyone is talking about artificial intelligence these days. As AI matures, it will have higher impacts on the industries trusting it. It will help organizations enhance customer experiences, improve logistics, automate workloads, predict performance, increase efficiency and output, manage and analyze data, and predict consumer behavior. Whether it’s for compliance reasons or to eliminate bias, […]read more »

What is Explainable AI?

With immense power to unleash improvements in cost, quality and access, AI is making its way into everyday business operations from workflow management to predicting consumer behavior, and improving customer experience. With AI growing in popularity, concerns about lack of transparency are rising too. In an article for The Enterprisers Project, Moshe Kranc, Ness CTO, […]read more »

Explainable AI: Helping Humans Understand Machines

Moshe Kranc, our Chief Technology Officer, always has his eye on the next wave of potential issues surrounding emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI). In the following Q&A we ask Moshe about explainable AI and how it can address the mistrust surrounding the mysterious ways in which AI works. What is explainable AI? To […]read more »

Riding The Razor’s Edge between Legacy Modernization & Digital Transformation

As children of the 80s settle into middle age, we’re seeing a lot of short-lived, nostalgia-driven tech trends that remind the rest of us just how old we really are. Everyone from Ariana Grande to indie bands in dive bars are now offering an interesting throwback on their merch tables: cassette tapes. In 2018, cassette […]read more »

Admiration and Modernization: A Lesson from Vacation

Because I love my job, I cannot stop thinking about software engineering even when I am on vacation. My recent holiday in Rajasthan and Varanasi in Northern India provided an opportunity to truly admire some enterprising inventions of the ancient times that are now outdated. I believe this attitude of respectful admiration can help companies […]read more »

Don’t Be Fooled By Facades

When NoSQL databases first appeared, in response to the need to process high volumes of unstructured data, the “o” in NoSQL was small, and it meant that these systems had “No” SQL support – SQL was meant for traditional structured relational databases, not these new schema-less contraptions. But, developers know and love SQL, so these […]read more »

The Evolution of Chatbots: What’s being developed today and what’s on the horizon

Angshuman Patra, our head of NA Delivery; and Jay Sanborn, our AVP of Cloud Platform Engineering are both passionate about delivering solutions that exceed customer expectations. In the following Q&A, we ask them about the chatbot solutions Ness is delivering today and what Ness will be developing in the future as the technology matures. What […]read more »