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Big Data Open Source Projects vs Amazon Web Services (AWS)

All data engineers are looking for the latest trends regarding the V’s (such as Volume, Variety, Velocity and others) of Big Data. Most approaches lead to higher ingested Volume of enterprise data, an increased Variety of enterprise or cloud source systems, with constant Velocity demand. Data engineers and data analysts are looking to migrate data […]read more »

Ness Point of View: Challenges Facing Today’s CIO

We enjoyed reading a thought-provoking article from McKinsey on improving the quality and spirit of conversation between board directors and the CIO. For those who have not read the article, it posits five key questions which will enable companies to measure corporate health in terms of digital capabilities. Credible answers to the questions are somewhat […]read more »

The Skyrocketing Cost of Technical Debt: Yahoo Security Breach in Perspective

Hacking seems to be one of the lead stories as we begin the New Year. The Yahoo security breach announced last month notes one of the latest victims. Yahoo released information regarding a theft in late 2014 of encrypted passwords and unencrypted personal information for over 1 billion Yahoo users. The first question a techie […]read more »

Mining the Data Intersection of Artificial Intelligence and BPM for Financial Services

Banks have been at the center of a data explosion for decades and have traditionally aggregated this data in the immediate context, often to solve one business problem at one-point-in-time, in order to stay compliant. Enter Artificial Intelligence (AI)…while not a new term, its use case in banking today speeds what researchers have usually had […]read more »

API Series Part 1: API Centric Design

In this Digital Transformation era, it is of paramount importance for organizations to adopt APIs to execute ideas quickly and acquire new business opportunities. APIs (Application Program Interface) play an essential role, as they are the building blocks of Digital Transformation, thus enabling organizations to deliver an exceptional customer experience, and thereby increasing their revenue […]read more »

How Technology has Enabled Smart Digital Services

Digital innovation has delivered increased processing power, ubiquitous high speed connectivity, commoditized mobile computing and unleashed the ‘Internet of Things’. The integration and advancement of a number of technologies synchronously has supercharged our reliance on technology making information available when and where we need it. Enabling Technologies Network connectivity The data network infrastructure is delivering […]read more »

6 Relevant Lessons Learned about Cybersecurity

With the Internet recently brought to a grinding halt due to a distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack launched from millions of infected web-attached devices, Ness’s Chief Technology Officer, Moshe Kranc, has authored an article that discusses six very relevant lessons learned about cybersecurity. In this article published by VentureBeat, Moshe notes important insights garnered from years of […]read more »

Successful DevOps — Cultural Transformation during DevOps Evolution

When merging software development and IT operations teams to improve software quality and accelerate release cycles, the way people within the organization think, work and collaborate is vital for a successful DevOps adoption and execution. Amit Gupta, Associate Vice President, Ness Digital Engineering has authored an article for IndiaTechOnline, highlighting why a cultural shift is […]read more »

How should CTOs leverage external expertise to deliver their innovation strategy?

Every CTO is bombarded with calls and emails to meet with a new supplier to discuss the next big thing. But how do you decide which suppliers to meet with? What is the frame of reference you use to qualify whether something would be useful to you or not? It’s easy and understandable to stick […]read more »

Ness TechDays: Sharing Innovation and Showcasing Ingenuity

Ness Digital Engineering recently hosted the second chapter of its virtual technology conference, Ness TechDays 2016, for an internal audience and special guest client speakers from around the world. The three-day event featured presentations by Ness designers and engineers on cutting-edge topics which speak to Ness’s strategic go-to-market pillars of Customer Experience Design, Platform Engineering […]read more »