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SQL and Big Data

Background and Need Enterprises are filled with structured and semi-structured data generated by all sorts of transactional applications. Much of that data is increasingly finding its way into Hadoop clusters for analytics because of Hadoop’s flexibility and the inexpensive, linear scalability of its compute and storage. To extract insights from this data, enterprises often build […]read more »

OLAP Cubes on Hadoop: Accelerating Interactive Big Data Analytics on Hadoop

OLAP (Online Analytical Processing) is the main concept behind many Business Intelligence (BI) tools used for data discovery, reporting, what-if analysis, budgeting, forecasting, planning etc. Many organizations are trying and finding ways to offload some of the high volume, complex processing-intensive Enterprise Data warehouse (EDW) data marts and business logic to the Hadoop platform. Business […]read more »

Can Apache Spark continue to sparkle?

Evolution As we all have seen and observed, Apache Spark has evolved and emerged as the next generation big data processing engine, and is being applied throughout the industry faster than ever. Spark improves over Hadoop MapReduce, which helped ignite the big data revolution, in several key dimensions. It is much faster, much easier to […]read more »

The Digital Hospital

As all industries become more digital, a vision for the future within a technologically-advanced healthcare sector must challenge the very essence of what a “digital hospital” should be. While many specialist product vendor are focusing on innovations within the surgical field, there is an opportunity to significantly transform and improve the experience for all of the […]read more »

Of all things digital in learning

Over the last two years, the pace of ‘digital disruption’ has picked up and virtually every industry is feeling the impact. Digital disruption has empowered the education industry with its own set of opportunities. In a relatively short period of time, the focus has changed from teaching to learning, from teacher to learner, from blackboards to […]read more »

Behavior Driven Development using SpecFlow

The Problem: The test scripts in my very first automation project involved conditional statements, looping, logical, numerical, string operations and much more. Sprint by sprint the software grew more complex and often I got a feeling “aren’t our scripts becoming as complex as the developer code itself?” Despite having a well-designed hybrid automation framework, debugging […]read more »

IoT: Which Standards, Consortiums, Alliances Should The Channel Back?

Kuruvilla Mathew, Senior VP & Chief Innovation Officer at Ness, has authored an article for Channel Partners, where he gives his perspective on which IoT solutions and trends can be backed by industry stakeholders. Given the increased importance that IoT plays in the digital economy that Kuruvilla reasons that channel partners play a critical role […]read more »