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How Embracing Design Thinking Can Accelerate Your Digital Transformation Journey?

Digital transformation is an immediate priority for most organizations, but it certainly isn’t a cakewalk. Digital business transformation requires people, processes and technologies to work together to drive common business goals. But very often, it is a challenge to combine the efforts of different customer-focused teams that hampers speed and innovation. Customer obsessed companies are […]read more »

Useful Insights on How IT and Business Can Work in Harmony

Digital transformation demands a scenario where IT and business teams work in harmony to be able to respond to new growth opportunities. The tech-business collaboration can be a great thing for modern day businesses that strive to be innovative and agile in rolling out new customer-facing and revenue generating products to the market. But in […]read more »

How a Reporting Bot Can Simplify the User Experience for Reporting Systems

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is perhaps one of most powerful technology disruptions taking place today. One of the major components gaining value in an AI system is the Bot framework. There are quite a few Bot frameworks available in the current market, such as the Facebook Bot Engine,, and Viv (co-founded by authors of Siri). […]read more »

Video Series Featuring Forrester Part VII: The Business Imperative for Functional and Technical Collaboration

Mike Gualtieri, Vice President, Principal Analyst Forrester, provides his insight on the importance of collaboration between technical and business titles within an organization. The business side is often looking for fresh ways to innovate their products and services and it typically involves the implementation of new technologies. The best results are achieved when the two […]read more »

How Node Spinner Can Enable Tech Teams To Speed Up Software Development

The biggest challenge faced by today’s digital tech teams is to get effective software products to the market faster. In this blog, we will discuss how using Node Spinner can enable tech teams to speed up the development life cycle (from hours to minutes) and achieve continuous integration, delivery, and deployment at a faster rate. […]read more »

Enterprise Change: An Architectural View

Enterprises are ubiquitous. The most generic definition of an enterprise could be stated as, “One or more organizations working for a common objective”. Entities such as corporations, government bodies, municipal bodies and small businesses etc. are all enterprises. The benefits they deliver can widely range from shareholder value to the establishment of law and order […]read more »

Embracing the Future of Corporate Learning & Development

Organizational learning is witnessing massive transformations. A phenomenal change led by future technologies, shifts in demographics and changing organizational priorities is disrupting the corporate learning environment and creating a constant competitive necessity to upgrade workforce skillsets. Ness works with some of the largest online education companies and we find that the urgency for organizations to […]read more »

How Digital technologies Are Transforming the Learning Process?

Digital technology advancements in the recent years have brought major transformations for the education sector. Today’s virtual learning environments have moved learning beyond classrooms, and empowered learners with constant, on-demand access to information. The powerful combination of disruptive forces has opened up new opportunities to improve and enhance the learning process. Learners and organizations that […]read more »

Securing Microservices with Oauth2 and JWT

Microservices is a fairly new, but already trending architectural term. Many big players like Netflix, Amazon or eBay built their portals or services based on this approach. The core attribute of microservices architecture is componentization – components are wrapped around business functionality, have to satisfy very targeted functions and are deployed to many independent environments. […]read more »