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Securing Microservices with Oauth2 and JWT

Microservices is a fairly new, but already trending architectural term. Many big players like Netflix, Amazon or eBay built their portals or services based on this approach. The core attribute of microservices architecture is componentization – components are wrapped around business functionality, have to satisfy very targeted functions and are deployed to many independent environments. […]read more »

What I Learned From My First Experience of Organizing a Hackathon at Ness?

Hackathons are currently garnering a lot of attention and there are good reasons for their popularity. Organizations want change, and they want to engage employees in new ways to be able to drive fast changes. Hackathons are a fun, effective way of doing this, and that’s what make them so popular among modern day organizations. […]read more »

Video Series Featuring Forrester Part V: Using Data to Effectively Create IoT Applications

The Internet of Things represents the vast array of connected devices that have become a standard part of our everyday world. IoT devices including mobile phones, digital thermostats, wearables, sensors in factory floors, and more all have the ability to generate valuable data that can be used by organizations to create new business opportunities. Mike […]read more »

What’s on Your Digital Retail Road Map?

The retail industry is currently at the forefront of massive business and tech disruptions. Retail organizations are facing a new generation of tech savvy customers that has instant access to information and demands unparalleled customer experiences, irrespective of location and mode of shopping. On the other side, consider the intensifying competition in the retail landscape […]read more »

The Design Museum Reopens

Designer Maker User Exhibit The Design Museum is back, relocated to the former Commonwealth Institute building in Kensington. The rebuild, by John Pawson and OMA, took a considerable time, equaling the final result’s lauding by the press as a ‘magnificent achievement’ in its ambition and complexity. The Ness Experience Design team visited the newly opened […]read more »

A Real-Time Analytics Framework for Better Online Retail Customer Experiences

Real-time analytics has the power to transform businesses offering actionable insights that enable faster, precise and more effective decisions. But the effectiveness of real-time analytics is largely dependent on the availability of data. To draw business insights using analytics, companies require a structured decision process with predefined logic and real-time access to data. Let me […]read more »