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Key Steps in Eliminating the Roadblocks to DevOps Adoption

DevOps adoption is a strategic priority for most enterprises right now and the benefits that early adopters are reaping is testimony to its true potential in driving organizational change. But getting DevOps right can be a tough challenge for many organizations considering that it entails major transformations and requires a combination of people, processes and […]read more »

Building a Data-driven and Artificial Intelligence Culture in the Enterprise: A Winning Formula

At Ness, our enterprise customers are eager to explore their hidden treasure in the data that they have generated over the years. Market research shows a growing demand for data monetization, and estimates that the Big Data market will be $125B (USA, including hardware, software and services) by 2025 [Source: Million Insights]. In 2014, Big Data […]read more »

Is Data Vault Modeling a Good Choice for Your Organization?

As business environments get increasingly volatile, enterprise data architectures must be flexible and adaptable to fast changing market conditions. The common challenge with dimensional and normalized data modeling techniques is that they aren’t designed to respond to fast changes. Data Vault modeling helps address this challenge. Data Vault architecture is an innovative, hybrid approach that […]read more »

Sensor Fusion Algorithms For Autonomous Driving: Part 1 — The Kalman Filter and Extended Kalman Filter

Introduction Tracking of stationary and moving objects is a critical function of Autonomous driving technologies. Signals from several sensors, including camera, radar and lidar (Light Detection and Ranging device based on pulsed laser) sensors are combined to estimate the position, velocity, trajectory and class of objects i.e. other vehicles and pedestrians. A good introduction to […]read more »

What Are the Key considerations in Starting a DevOps Journey?

DevOps is generating a lot of enthusiasm and its adoption is catching up across organizations, yet there are misconceptions around the whole DevOps philosophy that could result in slowing down its progress or diminishing its value. DevOps adoption is often challenging considering that different parts of the organization need to be in sync, hence starting […]read more »

How Can Education Technology Companies Master the Art of Learning Innovation? – Education Sector Series: Part 1

The education industry is getting disrupted at a rapid pace as there is a revolutionary change in the way people learn. And for education technology companies, this represents a world of fresh opportunities and challenges. An increased preference for flexible learning options- virtual classrooms, on-demand videos, Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) etc., intensifying competition between […]read more »

Important Lessons and Considerations in DevOps Adoption

Breaking the traditional barriers between IT and operations, a DevOps style of software delivery holds great promise for organizations looking at gaining business agility and speeding up digital transformation, and that explains why organizations large and small are moving towards it. There is enough evidence around us on how organizations are using DevOps adoption to […]read more »

How Data Analytics Can Solve the Airline Overbooking Problem?

It is interesting to see how data analytics helps solve real business problems, and its benefits extends to a wide range of industries. Consider the airlines industry, which has been facing flak because of frequent instances of overbooked flights and is consequently looking for better ways to intelligently handle such scenarios without affecting an airline’s […]read more »

Top 10 Tech Trends – Do We Have An Exciting Future or Not?

Ness Digital Engineering recently sponsored a very interesting event in Santa Clara, California called “Top 10 Tech Trends” hosted by Churchill Club. The venue, in its 19th year, featured tech savvy executives who were eager to understand the futuristic technologies that will shape our world. Top Venture Capitalists (VC) from the Silicon Valley made their predictions, […]read more »