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Understand how to reduce memory usage of Promises in Node.js

I recently had to fix a Node.js lambda function that was abruptly stopped by AWS before it completed processing, reaching the maximum memory given to the function. On a bare metal server, you can add one more RAM module and hope for the best. However, in a serverless environment there are limitations. Particularly in AWS, […]read more »

A Q&A with Ness’s CTO on the Evolution of Deep Fakes

Deep fakes are becoming a topic of discussion not only in the enterprise, but also among consumer audiences. In the following Q&A, we asked Moshe Kranc, our Chief Technology Officer, to provide his perspective on the computer-generated audio or video forgeries that depict a person saying or doing something that never actually happened. Why do […]read more »

A Balance between Automation and Empathy

There’s no doubt that automation is a tool for improving overall customer experience, speed, agility, and quality. Despite high levels of automation, which makes high frequency, high-quality delivery of software and updates possible, empathy with users remains an essential aspect of building a high-performance team. In an article for Software Magazine, Jean-Paul de Vooght, senior […]read more »

The FaceApp and its Underlying Technology

FaceApp with age filters went viral in recent days. It’s ability to transform a facial picture to make it change expressions, look older, younger and more, has become extremely popular. So, what’s the underlying technology behind the FaceApp? Moshe’s recent article for Forbes India states how FaceApp provides an excellent springboard to examine the state […]read more »

OLAP Cubes on Hadoop: Accelerating Interactive Big Data Analytics on Hadoop

OLAP (Online Analytical Processing) is the main concept behind many Business Intelligence (BI) tools used for data discovery, reporting, what-if analysis, budgeting, forecasting, planning etc. Many organizations are trying to find ways to offload some of the high volume, complex processing-intensive Enterprise Data warehouse (EDW) data marts and business logic to the Hadoop platform. Business […]read more »

Where are my machines and what are they doing? Realizing the benefits of IoT

Industry 4.0 and Smart Factory concepts are becoming pervasive in large manufacturing companies.  Manufacturing giants have sophisticated IoT strategies and are moving steadily down the path of realizing value for their efforts. The top 100 manufacturing companies in the US have over $36B of revenue and are compelled to explore Industrial IoT capabilities to stay […]read more »

How to staff an AI team: 11 key roles

The success of Artificial Intelligence (AI) initiatives may depend as much upon art and philosophy as it does upon data science and machine learning. That’s because the effective deployment of AI requires a close-knit team that includes people from a wide range of backgrounds and skill sets, including non-technical roles. In an article for The […]read more »

Enterprises Race to Plan for Deepfake Technology

The new AI-based technology known as deepfakes has the ability to fabricate apparently real footage of people and create fake images for entertainment, research, and other purposes. Like most AI solutions, deepfake technology can have both positive and negative applications. In an article for SearchCIO, Moshe Kranc, Chief Technology Officer, Ness Digital Engineering joins the […]read more »

Explainable AI: 4 Industries Where it Will be Critical

Everyone is talking about artificial intelligence these days. As AI matures, it will have higher impacts on the industries trusting it. It will help organizations enhance customer experiences, improve logistics, automate workloads, predict performance, increase efficiency and output, manage and analyze data, and predict consumer behavior. Whether it’s for compliance reasons or to eliminate bias, […]read more »

What is Explainable AI?

With immense power to unleash improvements in cost, quality and access, AI is making its way into everyday business operations from workflow management to predicting consumer behavior, and improving customer experience. With AI growing in popularity, concerns about lack of transparency are rising too. In an article for The Enterprisers Project, Moshe Kranc, Ness CTO, […]read more »