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Spurring the DevOps Adoption Journey

In a new article for, Amit Gupta, leader of Ness Digital Engineering’s DevOps practice, describes four different aspects an organization should consider before beginning the DevOps adoption journey, adding the crafting of a charter encompassing these elements ensures an organization’s smoother transition into DevOps. “The fundamental principles of DevOps are to reduce barriers between Development […]read more »

An Easy Fix for the Airline Overbooking Problem

In a new article for VentureBeat, Moshe Kranc, CTO of Ness Digital Engineering, explains how the controversial airline practice of involuntary passenger bumping is actually a data problem that can be solved easily through improvements in both data analytics and data transparency, including establishing a transparent marketplace where passengers are happy to leave an airplane […]read more »
Ness Kosice Technology Innovation Center Now Employs 500 Information Technology Specialists

Ness Kosice Technology Innovation Center Now Employs 500 Information Technology Specialists

Ness is now the largest software engineering employer in the Eastern Slovakian Region TEANECK, N.J. – May 24, 2017 –  Ness Digital Engineering today announced that its Technology Innovation Center in Kosice, Slovakia now employs 500 IT specialists, making Ness the largest employer of software engineers in the Eastern Slovakian Region, and the second largest […]read more »

Attending PegaWorld Conference

Ness, a registered Pega partner, will be attending the PegaWorld 2017 Conference, June 4-7 in Las Vegas, NV to meet with other industry leaders involved in customer experience strategies, digital transformation, and technology trends. Whether you are striving to optimize customer engagement using adaptive and predictive analytics, streamlining complex processes to reduce costs, or helping […]read more »

Corporate Learning Takes a Massive Leap

In an article with the Education Post, Jyothi Gurumurthachari, Senior Manager, Ness Academy, shares useful insights about the transforming landscape for corporate learning and development, and what the future of learning will be like. “There is a big challenge facing organizations to adopt to a new mindset which advocates the importance of continued talent development […]read more »