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Ness Software Product Engineering Services

Product Lifecycle Services

For nearly 10 years, across over 50 distinct software labs, and countless product development and delivery engagements, Ness Software Product Labs(SM) has developed deep experience across the stages of the product development lifecycle.





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Our understanding of our customer’s R&D and product culture as well as their immediate, medium, and long-term strategies, enables Ness to help clients speed the time-to-market and time-to-revenue of their software products. 

The Ness Software Product Labs offering is a set of services, combined as a tailored “Right Fit Model,” to enable a technology enterprise to realize its R&D vision.  Our customers:

  • Deliver better planned products to meet future market needs
  • Lower the overall cost of their development efforts
  • Deliver higher quality products with fewer defects, reducing rework and further shortening time to market
  • Conduct smoother market launches ensuring they bring in revenue faster

Product Development Lifecycle Capabilities
Ness builds and tailors its software product labs to manage the complete Product Development Lifecycle for its customers. Since the lab is built and maintained for the life of the customer engagement rather than the life of that particular build, Ness participates in and impacts the software from planning through release and beyond.

Contact Ness today to utilize our market leading services, or read more in each of these areas:

Product Strategy – ISVs and other technology companies must constantly improve on their products in order to retain and increase market share. This requires a constant evaluation of development and planning strategies, even before commercialization efforts begin.

Ness partners with its customers to help validate concepts and then move forward with the software product development. Among Ness’ Product Strategy offerings are:

  • Product Roadmap Definition
  • Product Requirement Analysis
  • Product Management
  • Product Marketing

Product Development Ness has a structured approach to product development that enables clients to develop leading-edge products, release them efficiently, and reduce operating costs and risks. By employing Ness’ unique product development and engagement methodologies, our clients deliver on their software innovation goals.

Ness’ product development offerings include:

  • System Analysis
  • Architecture & Design
  • Development & Unit Testing
  • Porting
  • Migration
  • Internationalization/Localization

Product Testing – Quality Assurance – Ness recognizes the critical importance of product testing and quality insurance in the PDLC. These highly-refined process checkpoints, ensure that the products developed meet and exceed quality benchmarks and that the software operates as intended. Ness’ wide range of product testing and QA services allows clients to meet the highest standards of product quality, integration and processes, and significantly reduce costs involved in software product development.

Ness’ Product Testing and Quality Assurance services include:

  • Integration Testing
  • System Testing
  • Load & Scalability Testing
  • Stress Testing
  • Performance Testing
  • Conformance Testing
  • Usability Testing

Release EngineeringIn today’s ever-changing software product and services market, clients must get their products to the end-users as quickly as possible, especially new releases. Ness unique software product development methodology enables clients to achieve this all-important goal. Among Ness’ Product Release Engineering services are:

  • Configuration Management
  • Release Management
  • Full Product Release
  • Technical publications

Post Release SupportOnce products have gone live, Ness provides post-release support teams to help sustain these products in the competitive marketplace and provide technical support, where needed. Ness’ product support teams rely on their functional, domain, technology, and platform expertise to provide clients and end-users to deliver:

  • Sustenance Engineering
  • Technical Support

Professional ServicesNess provides software product development clients with an array of professional services that complement the development services listed above. These professional services bridge the gap between development and commercialization and further enable clients to reduce costs and operational risk. Special areas of focus include process audit, market planning, and implementation.

Contact Ness today to further optimize your offshore software development initiatives or continue reading about Ness Software Product Labs:

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