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Ness Software Product Engineering Services

Captive Partnering

Ness Software Product Labs (SM) improves the financial and operational metrics for offshore development centers.





A Guide for Conducting a Strategic Audit of your Offshore Captive Center
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It's 2010. Why Are You Still Outsourcing?
A conversation with Holly Ripley-Boyd of Ness Software Product Labs reveals how the changing nature of partnerships in the software development lifecycle has increased the importance of outsourcing., February 2, 2010

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According to a recent study by Forrester Research, over 60% of software development captive centers are having difficulty achieving the anticipated performance and productivity advantages of their offshore subsidiaries.

While some software companies continue to run successful Captive centers, many others are reevaluating their strategy and goals as a result of increased cost pressure and a lack of operational effectiveness.

Today, the majority of product oriented offshore subsidiaries are partnering with outsourcing providers and a few have transferred full responsibility for the operation of their centers to providers.

Ness Software Product LabsSM helps companies optimize their offshore software product efforts by:

  • Applying proven structure and methods for building and nurturing teams with a product mindset
  • Providing an extended development team and a “near-ownership” experience
  • Increasing level and predictability of output
  • Leveraging best practices and scale advantages

Ness provides Process Audits, geographic diversification, full product lifecycle capabilities, accelerated scaling, and access to specialized talent.

Contact Ness today to further optimize your offshore initiatives or continue reading about Ness Software Product Labs:

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