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Lower Technology Management Costs

I want to lower my technology management and maintenance costs.


Given the global financial crisis and corporate-wide internal mandates to cut costs, the pressure to spend your IT dollars wisely has never been greater.  How do you do more with less?  One way is to buy back time. 

We want what you want.

Even if you have already outsourced areas of your technology management and maintenance processes, it’s time to take a closer look at new areas to explore.  Whether it’s moving a process offshore, augmenting your staff with contract resources, or more efficiently utilizing your technology investments, partnering with Ness can help you free up your finite resources to focus on your core business.  

Ness has made significant investments in methods, processing tools, architectures, infrastructure, and global sourcing capabilities to extend the life of your systems. We ensure your systems scale with your business, reduce system downtime, and optimize the deployment of your people and technology.

Ness Technologies’ proven services provide the added advantages of:

  • Time Saving: Our offshore services exploit time zone differences by practical deployment of extra shifts for faster time-to-market
  • Cost Reduction: Our services offer scalability of resources across all aspects of the application life-cycle
  • Operating Cost Effectiveness: Our offshore services enable work to be moved to less expensive offshore resources
  • Quality: Our offshore services are driven by rigorous approaches and methodologies that generally exceed on-site work
  • Financial Flexibility: By shifting fixed costs to variable costs, Ness opens up new opportunities for you to manage your investments

Read more about how our services and industry expertise can get you what you want, and what your business needs to get ahead. Or contact Ness today.