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Ness Services for the Financial Services Industry

Capital Markets Services

Ness provides Asset & Investment Management services and solutions to global, regional and boutique organizations. Ness helps clients to make better decisions faster, and to reduce operational costs and increase revenues.



How would you manage your operations differently if you had better access to the true cost of a transaction? Take a look at this new Topic Brief that explores a new model for measuring transaction costs.
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The challenges facing the capital markets industry today are unprecedented . The depth of the current crisis requires a deep look at every aspect of the business in search of opportunities to streamline and create efficiencies, all while adjusting to a new market landscape.

Leveraging its deep domain expertise and industry knowledge, Ness delivers an advanced and comprehensive set of services solutions that help asset management firms to grow their business, deliver advice and manage their practice in an integrated, efficient and compliant manner.   

Mergers & Acquisitions, Corporate Finance Transactions

  • Financial modeling of subject companies
  • Company and industry research and comparable company analysis
  • Day-to-day support to senior bankers
  • Market research and pitch book preparation

Global Investment Banking Support

  • Regional support for local bankers in executing cross-border transactions
  • Identifying opportunities in emerging markets
  • Identifying companies with high-growth potential seeking investment banking services or private funding

Investment processing
Ness provides services that span transaction processes. Our services are designed to meet the existing and evolving needs of global and local custodians. Service areas include:

  • Securities settlement
  • Custody management
  • Regional and global corporate actions

Ness' services and solutions impact the full-lifecycle of integrated advisory processes including prospecting, planning, implementing, monitoring, managing and reporting in an integrated, streamlined manner.

Contact Ness today to get what you want, and what your business needs to get ahead.