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Homeland Security and Public Safety

Ness TSG provides full integrated triple play of intelligence, Command & Control and Communication for the Homeland Security market.

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Ness Homeland Security offers full integration (as a triple play) of high-quality command-and-control solutions representing the pillar required for providing an effective security infrastructure. Ness solutions address the specific operational needs of defense and security organizations. Authorities charged with protecting the homeland are relying on intelligence-gathering activities more than ever. But, as witnessed on 9/11, that does not always translate into effective results.

Since vast amounts of information are spread across a multitude of internal and external databases, authorities require the technology to connect all of these sources to one central system. Once that is accomplished, they need the tools to filter out the most critical information, create links among the varied pieces of data, and develop conclusions for appropriate decision making. Featuring powerful real-time analytic capabilities, Ness' HLS solutions guarantee that organizations will receive the most useful operational knowledge within the shortest period of time.

Organizations require command-and-control products to carry out actual homeland security missions in the field. Ness provides a line of field-proven and reliable command-and-control solutions that integrates with the Company's intelligence offerings. Deployed by key customers worldwide, including Israel's renowned defense establishment, these solutions are built around both generic and customizable components, and cover a wide range of tasks including critical infrastructure protection, emergency preparedness and response, law enforcement and counter-terrorism.


SWAT Control

Elite Special Operations tactical units C4I System

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Coast watch & Navy: Coast watch & navy C2 system

  • Generates comprehensive, high-quality maritime situation picture (MSP)
  • Offers variety of decision-support tools to protect territorial waters from terrorism, smuggling and illegal traffic.

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Emergency services: Ambulance services, police and fire brigade C2 system

  • Provides real-time mobile unit location, decision-support tools (e.g. unit dispatching, routes, hospitals)
  • Delivers bi-directional data communication between centers and units
  • Operates in daily routine and mass-casualty events, disasters and crisis situations
  • Deployed across Israel (via Israel’s Red Cross) and in the U.S.

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Crisis Management System

A single solution for peacetime, crisis, catastrophes and full-scale conflicts.  Provides the commanders of the Joint Staff, and high Command HQ’s, with the ability to maximize the success of military operations and crisis management.\

  • Rapidly generates a complete, reliable and up-to-date integrative situation picture, based on fused information.
  • Role, responsibility and task focused.
  • Featuring: Command, Control, Situation Assessment, Decision Support, Debriefing, Training and additional tools

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Ness CBR

Ness CBR Control is a digital ground C4I system for units specializing in the real-time detection and analysis of chemical, biological and radioactive (CBR) threats.
By clearly identifying the presence of dangerous substances in public areas, Ness CBR Control enables home-front command units to close off all endangered locations quickly and effectively.
Designed for use by personnel wearing special protective gear (e.g. gloves), Ness CBR Control conducts real-time analysis of all relevant data, such as outdoor environmental conditions like wind direction, to create safety corridors ensuring the secure evacuation of populations under threat.
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Border Control

  • Fully automated entry and exit control
  • Fully operational solution
  • Proven methodology & experience
  • Rapid system implementation based on existing building blocks
  • Advanced multi-lingual name analysis algorithm
  • Biometric integration expertise
  • Unique personal identification

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